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Help on serial number needed !


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I need to identify a LP, whith the serial number 9 4049.


The guitar has the "Classic" truss rod cover, but I thought these had the usual YDDDYXXX serial ?


Could this be a 99 Classic, a 89 Pre Historic, a 94 R9 ?


I am very confused...


Thank you for your help !!!

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There ARE historics with the same serial number as yours. It's a simple matter to check which model you have.


Check the peghead Les Paul MODEL sikscreen. On Classics the letters MODEL are as typed, On the Historics the spacing between the letters of M O D E L are spaced apart and use a thinner typeface.

Some years of 1960 Classic had a Les Paul CLASSIC silkscreen.

The serial number ink-stamp of Classics is a larger - and curvier - font than that used on Historics.

Underneath the neck p-up can you see the end of the neck tenon? Historics have these, Classics don't.

Classics made after about 1995 are often fitted with 'Aged' f'board inlays. These have a slightly greenish-yellow hue although there is much variation in actual colour.

Look at the binding in the lower horn cutaway. Is it narrow or wide? All Historics use narrow as did early Classics. Later Classics used wide binding.



1960 Classics use a serial number system which seems quite similar to the re-issues but there are some major differences.


The first digit (or first two from 2000) is from the year built. The remainder is the number in the run.

The model was introduced in 1989. These first-year instruments are numbered 9 XXX. The first number is from (198)9 and the rest are the individual guitar number. There were less than 1,000 built so the 3-digits were enough.

From 1990 - 1999 the first digit is the year made and the rest is the guitar number. Yours (if it's a Classic) will be number 4049 made in 1999.

From 2000 until the model was discontinued there were two digits signifying the year made thus; 0X XXXX.


Here are a few snaps to try to better illustrate some of these points.


In order mentioned above;

Les Paul M O D E L silkscreen; 1993 '59 re-issue on left; 1991 1960 Classic on right.



Different fonts of serial number. 1993 '59 re-issue on left; 1991 1960 Classic on right.



Binding in cutaway; Thin binding showing 'Maple Smile' (the crescent of lighter red), 1995 '60 re-issue;



Wide binding (no 'Maple Smile'), 1995 1960 Classic;



Hope that helps a bit.


Any questions please ask.



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