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If this one had an ABR instead of the Nashville bridge, it would be even MORE historically "accurate" than the so-called "Historic" (Custom Shop) models! :)


Based on the return of the more RED "cherry" color and the improved deeper bevels on the '61 RI's tapered-horn-tip body, this is pretty much THE "standard" I've been waiting for. Love it. Will have one within a month. :)



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It's interesting, isn't it...how many of us love the "Lyre" Maestro. That part of it, is really more

decorative, than strictly functional. As you know, if you've ever used, or taken one apart. Heck,

even Derek Trucks, loves the "Lyre" part, even though his doesn't have the actual Maestro tremolo,

just the regular stop bar. Although, I don't know if HE did that mod, or...if he bought it "used,"

that way?? But, the Lyre Maestro, has always been a bit of a "looker"...to me, anyway. [thumbup]



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Has anyone tried to buy this from Sweetwater? I've yet to see reviews which leads me to believe that Gibson hasn't shipped them out, but Sweetwater claims to have them in stock and ready to go.


And GuitarsAnn: I agree, that sideways trem is certainly a looker. Would be a very nice treat to have that put on a specialty model (guitar-of-the-month or something) despite its functional flaws.

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