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Guitar Center Free Ukulele Lessons


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A few weeks back, I stopped by a local GC to check out their free Ukulele lessons. I got some free sheet music and got to play one of their ukulele's. They were not the best lessons, but they were free. I was expecting some insight, like which chord combinations make it sound "Hawaiian" or how to strum that thing. There was nothing like that...just a piece of sheet music and no place to set it. But hey, I got to mess with a Ukulele for about an hour. By the way, I pronounce it YOU-KUH-LAY-LEE. I think the people who actually know what they are doing call it an OOK-OOH-LAY-LEE.


Anyway, I noticed that they now have free Guitar lessons every Saturday. throughout January. For a beginner, it would be a nice environment to see if you want to learn to play guitar. Also, I felt no obligation to buy anything. Really, it was no hassle.


Oh, and I pronounce it GEE-TAR, not like most people who pronounce it GIH-TAR. :---)

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