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Seagul v Hummingbird

Del Nilppeznaf

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The recent post by bjb of the Takamine v the AJ and the posts regarding Seagul gut's .....inspired me to do my own comparison video.


Here is my 14yr old Seagul CW6 played against my 1 yr old HB TV.


Notice how my less than perfect technique can have a major effect on the tone produced in parts.





I like how the Seagul sounds..they are great guitars..but I love the Hummingbird sound in parts.


Video is a bit crappy..but I think the sound is ok Hope it's sounds ok to you guys.

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Well, let me tell you first Del that your Bird' sounds fantastic, it has a complexity, rich yet subtle overtone and of course that Hummingbird glaze.


Having said that your Seagull scrubs up very well. My view is that the Bird' really shines with traditional fingerpicking, the overtones and glaze are hard to beat. The Seagull on the other hand has a real honest, dry tone without the complexity of the Bird. It doesnt sound as good with traditional fingerpicking, but excels with the country blues, in fact to my ears that dry, honest tone beats the Bird in this genre.


Its a pity you didnt do a proper strumming sample as I think thats where the Bird' wouold really win by a mile as its a strumming god (see my current thread where it shows how well subtle strumming works with the Bird).


So overall, I think you should be really happy with the Seagull, it actually complements your Bird and in some styles beats it.


These days I always reommend a Seagull to anyone who wants to buy a guitar under $500, a lot of bang for the buck.


Thanks for making the effort Del !

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Obviously, the Seagull has opened-up very well. Evenly balanced sound. To my ears, "the bird" sounds a bit warmer. Volumn seems about the same, but "the bird" sound is a bit more subtle and maybe a gentler tone. They both are easy-on-the-ears. Both are made for fingerpicking. Cool. Seagulls have always been pretty decent guitars. I can only imagine how nice that Hummingbird will be in 10-12 years..........Nice comparison. I liked it. I hope you guys have started something here. [thumbup]

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Well; this is becoming the guitar comparison channel, and I like it.


As for your comparo, wow, the difference is dramatic. Is there a pair of socks in the 'Gull? Or maybe it's the

tape where somebody mistakenly thought they were putting their folding travel guitar away, but yes, the Seagull

would be the country blues picker & the 'Bird the strummer. Perhaps a difference in the age or type of strings?


Very nice playing, enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for posting.!


Anybody got two identical guitars, save for one being a cutaway, & want to do a "don't look" test :)?

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Cheers fellas,




I know what you mean about the 'Gull sounding good on the country blues style, as has been testified by a few here..KSdaddy and Rambler recently. I think my playing was a bit off in the clip with the Bird and that particular part.

And I agree the Bird sounds lovely for the more folky stuff, the main reason went for a Hummingbird was to try and capture a certain idea of a sound I had..and I think she does it..well I'm trying anyway.




ta for compliment..and yes she is held together with really strong tape..haha...well not quite, the top got cracked on a flight so I am just protecting it from getting worse..also she is nearly worn thru in parts from strumming in my youth ..:)




I think she is really starting to open up too.. starting to notice more recently... 10 years will be fine..God willing

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Hep for a nice A/B. Yeah, the Bird shines a glazing tip more and has clearer highs. But that Seagull sure knows how to tell a story.

Let's say you'ld make an EP or something, then both guitars would be a pleasure to hear.

Really like your technique – the touch is as it should be for the styles presented.

Now we need a little singing, if I can be that free, Del.


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I keep looking at the tape and thinking... "oh old Seagull you would sound so much better without that plastered all over your top". Well that and a new set of strings. [wink]



Heh Heh


well there isn't THAT much tape :)...I'm sure if I had the cracks in the top .& .the lifting bridge fixed...put a shiny new set of strings on..and had a pro set up the Gull would sound a lil crisper.... but honestly not by much I think


This is the way she sounds and looks at the mo..and for that old kinda vibe I kinda like it. Good traveling guitar.


Now we need a little singing, if I can be that free, Del.



cheers Eminor7.. while I got the video thing going will prob post a song soon.

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