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Best Power Trios?


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Cream, Mountain, Rush, Triumph, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Blue Cheer (RIP Dickie Peterson), pre-74 Thin Lizzy (with Eric Bell), Pride & Glory (Zakk Wylde, James LoMenzo, Brian Tichy. It was Zakk's pre-BLS, pre-Book Of Shadows "Southern Metal" project. Originally called "Lynyrd Skynhead), the current version of Anvil, Blue Murder (featuring John Sykes, Tony Franklin, and Carmine Appice), Primus, The Drills (Phil X!), The Melvins, Three For All. And more of course. And while I'm not the biggest fan, Nirvana is definitely one of them.


I would also say The Police but they're not exactly laced with power.

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I'll go with Cream over all. I would have said Mountain, but they were a four player band.

Leslie West - Lead Guitar

Felix Pappalardi - Bass

Corky Laing - Drums

Steve Knight - Keyboards



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Hell yes!


Check these guys out...




They only used the background singer at this show so don't count her.


Please do yourselves a favor and buy their CD, Live For The Music, if you like what you're hearing.

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Rory Gallagher.


He sometimes had a four piece but his trio days were (IMHO) the best.


There was also a short lived power trio which saw 2/3 Cream reunited with Gary Moore replacing EC called, imaginatively, BBM (Bruce, Baker, Moore).



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