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Burl Ives - The original recording of Ghost Riders In The Sky


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I liked Burl Ives and his music. Very talented individual. Always a gentleman.........What a lot of folks forget is that he was also a great actor. Big man with an even bigger stage presence. More than capable (and literally always did) of unintentionally stealing the entire scene with the power he put into his character. Didn't matter how beautiful and/or talented the women were (Liz taylor, Carol Baker, Jean Simmons, Gypsy Rose Lee, Agnes Morehead), or how rugged and macho the men were (Paul Newman, Charleton Heston, Gregory Peck, Chuck Connors, Charles Bickford), Ives was powerful on screen, often dominating the entire movie, whither he was the major character or a supporting one. In movies like Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Big country his presence was awesome, like he his character was looming over the landscape of the movie. Anyway, I digress. If you ever get the chance to see either of these movies, don't miss it. I love the scene in Big Country where he beats-the-crap out of his low-life son (Chuck Conners) for trying attack an incredibly good-looking Jean Simmons. What a movie that was. Ives was a really cool folksinger, and so much more. Here's a great scene with Paul Newman. One of many great scenes.

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