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I played a classical guitar again a few days ago


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I don't post much about playing out ...

but in this case I really just wanted this to be a segway for a series of questions .

I got together with a buddy of mine and we borrowed an ibanez (japanese factory) classical guitar .

it was really worn and I had to play it the wrong way round but it felt really natural and great to have a classical guitar in my hands again =D


this takes me to the next question over the past few months I've had a growing passion for parlor guitar which just happens to be the only style of Martin Guitars that I really like and enjoy ... does anyone own a martin parlor or any parlor guitar for that matter . I kinda want one with nylon strings . I believe those are referred to as gutstring guitars ??? .


this is a project that has alot of ground to cover in order to become a reality but still any idea or opinion is greatly valued











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I know that ive seen recent (last 50 years)Martin Classical Guitars in Brazilian Rosewood going for inexpensive prices but I dont know if they are instruments or just furniture.

Some unknownish name classical guitars made by luthiers are out there at cheap prices..and probably better than these Martins.

The small bodied Lowden S is very much like a Celtic version of the Parlor guitar..and the ones since 2004 especially are little cannons.

The F I have sounds a lot like a Flemenco guitar and is about a 000 size.

The Huss & Dalton 00 Parlor guitar is so excellent from the few I tried in 2009/10.

The Pre War Martin Parlor guitars are some of the greatest acoustic guitars ever made.


I know its the 0 that most consider Parlor..but thanks to Flinstone vitamins the average human is that much taller than he was in 1873..so 00 is modern eqi. : )

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