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Good hollow body guitars under 1k?


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If you're looking for something traditional, perhaps the Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II? I've played the 5th Avenue CW models and they're great guitars, sweet jazz tone but do rock/country/blues e.c.t. very well too. MF has them for $995. Proudly Canadian-made.





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Epiphone's are the next best thing to a Gibson. I have had usable result's with my Ibanez after I changed the pick-up's and the switch, of coarse the neck is not worth it but it is a bolt on job so I can replace that as well. I am as well using a solid body guitar to so it may not apply to your case but quality usually shines thou on the whole company. I played a Gretsch one time and it felt very fragile to the touch so I went with a PRS that was also a solid body guitar.


Are there any big box stores near you? It would be worth a drive to go to a Guitar Center or a Sam Ash etc. and try out as many as you can find there, the right one will scream at you.

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Hollow-bodied archtop jazzer?


These two and various other models in between - both single- and two-p'up versions - are beautifully crafted for the price. I especially love the AF-81.


I'm not a huge fan of the open-coils on the top one but covers are dirt cheap.


Top; Ibanez AF-55 in Amber Burst Flat - $363.

Lower; Ibanez AF-81 in Sunset Red - $642.


These prices are what they cost in the UK. If everything else is an indication you might get them even cheaper Stateside.





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Yes to all suggestions...


Some great Oriental guitars around...some worth an upgrade within budget...


Gretsch,Ibanez,Godin(yes I know Canadian and a great P90 guitar to boot),Epiphone,Peerless


Personal recommendations...


Godin 5th Avenue

Epi Casino

Peerless Songbird

Peerless New Yorker





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if you're goal is a "jazz box" I think for under 1k, Epiphone has probably the most to offer


could search out a used Epiphone Emperor Regent (They aren't made any more) I love the one I have. too bad they are disco'd...


you could go with a similar piece, a bit smaller, and look at the Epiphone Joe Pass (which is also an emperor but a tad bit smaller body) I had one a few years back, I liked the guitar, but I eventually needed to cull the herd so I sold it to a friend who used to love playing it when he'd come over, (Eventually replaced it with the Emperor Regent)




The Epi Swingtster looks like a fun ride, same size / body as the Joe Pass. Sort of a "Gretch" style pickup config with a bigsby. (boohya!) Doesn't come w/ a case as far as I know, but the Joe Pass case I think wold fit.



I've always thought the Broadway's are cool..





these are all under 1k and I think Korean made.

(could aslo look some some used Elitists - japan made, very nice.

Maybe out of your price range, and probably need to go fleabay or something.,., think they are disco'd too.


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I picked up a Epi Swingster at a garage sale last spring-it's pretty interesting!

Instead of push-pull coil tapping it switches between series and parallel wiring,

so depending on what you do with tone and volume (and amps) you can go from fairly Gretschy rockabilly to some very nice jazz tones.

It's really nice with a lo-fi kind of amp-I'm using a Fender Excelsior.

The price is more than reasonable too.

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