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I give up.


A corner showing unlaquered tweed deosn't exactly narrow it down.


I guess a Blues Jr. COULD sound as good as the clippage, but it sure does sound good. Granted, over the computer....


I don't know why it should be "easy".

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So I stuck in a Jensen P12N alnico speaker. Big improvement.


And then I modded the thing so I can use 6V6's for power tubes or use the usual 6L6's. That way, the thing can put out about twenty watts or forty watts.


I had to stick a switch and a resistor in there so I can make the trimpot useable for either set of tubes. When you switch it over to the 6V6 setting, it engages the other resistor in parallel with the stock one that's in the bias adjustment circuit. And boom, the thing adjusts right in the middle of the trimpot's range for the 6V6's - like about 23 ma. Switch it to the 6L6 setting and it goes back to stock and the trimpot works for the 6L6 range - like about 38 ma.







Time to blast it out for awhile!!

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