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Aaron Lewis talks about the sig Southern Jumbo


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I'm not a great fan of his music, but I'm a huge fan of his guitars:


1951 SJ

1957 LP Gold Top

1958 ES 355


That pretty well covers the best of the Gibson 1950's lineup. (Yeah, I know there't no J-45, J-200, L-5, etc., but I think these three constitute a reasonable alternative.)

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check it out :



maybe EA can post a sound clip of his ALSJ









I have to say the Aaron Lewis Southern Jumbo is my favourite Gibson in the stable, and by quite a margin. There is just something about this guitar that when I play it says, whoa, this is really something special, as good as any Gibson Ive come across.


Its different to a J-45TV is that I find the J-45TV's to sound very woody, organic, quite dry, while this SJ is still very woody but it has a really strong midrange and a lot of bite, but without being oveerwhelming. Its really something special.


Anyway, heres' a pic and also a vid I posted here one year after acquiring the AL SJ and also a clip how it sounds plugged in.






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