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Folsom Prison Blues on the 69' Hummingbird


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I dont often play here with the old lady of the stable, but I did an experiment and tried some Martin SP 80/20 strings on her. Ive always been a PB guy when it comes to mahogany, but given this guitar has thicker bracing I thought maybe the 80/20 sparkle migth give her a bit more ooooph.


Have to say in first impressions it seems to be a winner, its birght and jangly but seems to suit this guitar very well, and give the old lady a bit more depth


Its amazing how much strings can make a difference, and its good to throw your preconcptions out the window some time.


So I did a quick recording with her, Im normally the one that does the Johnny Cash numbers at our gigs as his style somehow seems to sit well with my voice.


Ive not performed this track for over six months and didnt have the lyric sheet infront of me and hence Ive forgotten half the words, and basically all of the last verse .... sorry about that.


But anyway, what do you think with withe 80/20's .... reckon it works, or is it better with the PB's which you can hear in the vid instead ?


Folsom Prison Blues with 80/20's




With PB's


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Like both sets -


Confession : I'm a fool with strings. I can't really compare. The 2 progressing parameters, steel fading and ears gettin' used to new sound represents a cross-paradox for me.

Then add that how hard it is to remember the previous set at the same curve(s).

It's embarrassing, but too often I'm not sure what I hear.




Better make this a thread -

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