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Dark fire preorders


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Hi Gadjetuk,

Good idea with the poll. Ordered mine last night from Gear4music via thier website. Just spoke to them this morning and I am first on the list. I hope I have made the right choice with credit crunch and all that, it would kill me to see these discounted in the new year as £2000 for a guitar is a lot of money.

Out of interest I found out about the dark Fire by accident while searching for used first run robots, I have not seen anything in the UK guitar press about them.

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Steve, I think your money will be safe with the limited number being imported to the UK. I have heard it could be as little as 125. I also found out about the guitar by accident after browsing the Gibson web site about a fortnight ago. I phoned my local Gibson stockist and they had not heard about it either. After finding out about it they expected the price to be far more than the eventual 2 grand. I have paid my deposit and have been promised the 1st one as soon as they receive them.

I have posted this link else ware but follow this link to see a couple of new photos, 1 showing the case.

There is now a better link having more photos at full quality some over 8 meghttp://www.gibson.com/press/usa/darkfire/index.asp

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Thanks for that link Gadjet,

The case looks real cool too, I had wondered about it as the original robot guitar came in a silver case. I guess we may be lucky having stumbled upon this guitar so early as according to the text in your link there will only be 2000 worldwide as opposed to 4000 for the original. Now I am so excited about this guitar the price doesn't really bother me anymore, I think I just felt a little guilty about abusing my flexible friend so much in these lean times.

I think that once the like of Total Guitar and Guitarist expose this guitar they will fly out of the music stores!

As an aside I own an original robot which cost me close to the price of this guitar because there are simply not many for sale and I think the original price for these last year was about £1500.

Anyway I hope you have no problems and receive your guitar in good order and time and that is when this forum should get real interesting as we all get to grips with it.





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