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What Pickups are iin my R8


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in a 2010 R8 plaintop VOS


the other pickup says RHY Bucker (wound by PS 09-14-2010) cant get the file tu upload- to big.


are these burst bbuckers? Can anybody tell me more about these such as pros/cons with diffrent amp setups? Im about to get a orange thunderverb and a dark terror. I only run a few pedals, wah and phaser/ and diffrent fuzz pedals but only 1 at a time.


post-47678-014971600 1355163053_thumb.jpg

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Guest Farnsbarns

Custom buckers are custom wound burstbuckers. They normally feature in signature models and are not available after market. Could your R8 be a signature model? I know Gibson often build a guitar with random off spec pickups because that's all they have but I think sticking custom buckers in an R8 seems unlikely.

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The guitar was purchased at Guitar center (ya I know, I'm not a fan, but I saw it and had to have it)


Originally it had push/pull gadgetry on all 3knobs and a kill switch on one.

Ed beaver in Nashville changed those pots out. Other than that its all original still, but I'm not opposed to changing it if the updates improve it.



Neck PU, have never heard or seen these before, but I'm not expert.


Bridge PU



Thinking of changing this for one where the screws won't pop out. Any recommendations?




A few more (2010 VOS R8 plaintop Lemonburst)





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