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On the other hand....besides 4 fingers and a thumb....I googled and got this....



So, I guess its true!!

I spotted the same add and thought the same thing - maybe they did do a special order way back when. I have Emailed the custom shop at Gibson but they haven't responded yet. The back, sides and neck are all done the same. It looks like some clearcoat has chipped off here and there. I am unable to upload anymore pics?!?!

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Pretty cool looking guitar! The Dove was a showy guitar, great stage look, top of the line at the time. Very possible someone wanted it finished in that color. With the complete guitar in that finish I tend to think it is a Gibson factory job, but I don't have it in my hands.


Gibson factory refins from the 60s show up on guitars originally built in the 30s, 40s, 50s. People wanted their old guitar to look new and Gibson/Martin would do it. Gibson factory refinish on these guitars looks right, looks like Gibson work. They typically did not finish the guitars as they were originally, but finished them and used parts (bridges, pickguards, etc) that were on current guitars.


Gibsons response would be interesting. I don't know how many records with details they have from those years. Shipping ledgers from the 30s, 40s are turning up special ordered guitars and standard models, has added much to the history of their Guitars.


Thanks for sharing the guitar.



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I have had no response from Gibson but have had Mario Proulx from "Proulx Guitars & Mandolins" take a look at it and his opinion is the guitar was guitar was not a factory job but at least done well. It is back with it's owner and is being played on a regular basis. Dave

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