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I sold some art, THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!!!


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as penniless as we can be during the holidays.....


its always nice to get a phone call from a shop that sells art to inform me "we have a check waiting for you."


gigantic sigh of relief....


a rush to think... somewhere in somebody's home, my artwork will be displayed...


Daz Groovy.

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can't seem to send you a PM, bro!


and anyhow, to answer your question, i do photography of instruments. sold framed print of Strat with a 2 story Lone Star just behind it, and a fine art print of a 1930s L-4.


when i did the series, my logic was not everyone can afford a 1930s L-4, but they damn sure can afford a fine art print of it! so i took photos of several desirable axes and little by little they sold.


i'v never made a killing, because unless you're well known, or in good with others who have gallery space, you won't sell a lot of work. but i've had some art prints, and framed pieces in a high traffic spot n Austin called 'The Oasis' and 2 pieces sold!!!


we had dinner last night, lets just say!

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