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I'm actually a drummer, but because of neighbors had to find a secondary musical outlet, and guitar it was. I've been playing acoustics, but have now gone to the dark side with a Gibson SG Special 70's Tribute and a Vox AD50VT, an affordable hybrid with various effects and amp emulations (of course, hearing someone play an EVH 5150 III at Guitar Center has that destined for Craigslist).


But, how in the world do you decide on your stomp boxes when there are so many out there by so many companies that do so many things?


My list already includes chorus, delay, and reverb. The Xotic EP Booster seems like a must-have. But then there's flangers, phase shifters, compression, overdrive, fuzz, tremolo, loopers, wah-wah, and EQ, and then the multi-effects pedals. There's a thousand distortion boxes - and shouldn't that come from the amp? And could someone explain the difference between "crunch" and "distortion"? Apparently there is!


How do you guys figure all this s**t out?


I'm thinking heroin might be a cheaper addiction.


Rock on.


P.S. - Strings?

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welcome to the the never ending quest brother! I don't think any of us really figure it out. We tend to find those things that at the time, get us where we want to go. as time goes on, the process repeats and eventually you have a half dozen guitars, three or four amps, a box full of gadgets, pedals and what-nots that you don't even know why you got them, or what the heck you need them for now, but you wont unload them cuz.. "well ya just never know.."


sounds like you have a lot of the bases covered with the VOX amp you are using. I would play around with that for a while, you really wont "need" a lot of extras, as most is already built in but a Wah pedal is just plain FUN..



Crunch vs. distortion ya there is a difference, and everyone is going to have different definition.. To me, Crunch is that moment when your amp is breaking up a bit, but you can still pickup out chord tones,, Distortion is when you go past that threshold, and while you get more sustain, you loose some of the clarity that you can still hear. I'm sure we can have a month long debate here, but this is my 2c on it.


compression is key tool for guitarist, Helps to make the soft spots louder, make the loud spots, softer and add some sustain. very handy when you want to play clean. "guitar" compressors are pretty straight forward but some have a lot of controls that make no sense on the surface (threshold/attack/release/ratio..) they all make sense once you learn more about them. Too much compression is not a great thing, so these take some figuring out. There are some articles on the net that explain more details if you get interested in learning more. You're amp should have one to play with.


of course, all this is my 2 cents...


Strings? what are you asking about w/Strings?

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I can understand what your saying. I cheated according to one of my hard core friends by buying a modeling processor where I can download tones from their site for the song I play or get real close. the rest of the tweeking comes from just playing around with the hundreds of different settings available to me with a usb cable. I have only been playing for a few years and probably will never be a Eddie, Stevie, or Randy just a few of my heroes. but my tone in most cases is dead on. I don't want to sound like a modeling processer commercial but I saved a lot of money finding the tones I want with out buying all those separate boxes. There are a lot of modeling processors out their. I cheat according to my friend but having the right tone makes it worth it. good luck.

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I'm not sure that we are OK with drummers becoming guitarists, the ramifications

could be catastrophic.


It may be worth looking through The US Constitution to see if it is explicitly








This is really John's way of saying "Welcome to the forum and good luck transitioning to Guitar, we're here to help!"


am I right???

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Best thing to do is go try some at your local music store. Find what you like then buy online. I think you should get a distortion and overdrive.


Crunch to me is a bit of the softer side of distortion..... But hell ya have fun with it cuz you can go mad looking at all the STUFF thats out there. I go with BOSS but thats just what I like. And I only have 3 pedals. Phaser,Overdrive,Distortion. And a crybaby wah.........

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I use a Valvetronix too. I think its distortions are good enough. I don't think you are going to hear big gains by getting distortion pedals. Where the Valvetronix really lacks is with delay and wah.


I recommend a Carbon Copy delay from MXR. It's simple, it's warm and it's sweet. And you can't go wrong with a Crybaby wah even though folks have their off-brand preferences. If you want to get into really freaky sweeping flanger, then you'll want to find something for that... I'm not a big phaser/flanger guy, so I can't help much there.


I primarily use two pedals: The Carbon Copy and an Emma DiscumBOBulator (autowah/env. filter). I use the four Valvetronix "A" channels for four different amp voices going from clean to filthy (fender clean and sparkly, fender blackface, marshall, mesa), and I use the "B" channels for the same voices with Flanger, Vibrato, or Phaser effects on them. (I rarely use the "B" channels). Autowah and Delay pedals round it all out for me. I guess if I were going to get another pedal... it'd probably be a Flanger to free up more room for vibrato or other amp effects.


I also play a bit with a Digitech Whammy-Wah XP100, and a Russian Big Muff Pi. I got both of those for bass though... and I prefer them on bass. I almost never use them with my guitars.


But having said all that... I'm generally happiest playing guitar straight into the amp on one channel and using volume to create natural distortion. Effects are fun to play with, and I do enjoy them, but that's not where my heart is.

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Theres a few ways to start. First just buy and play , if you dont like sell. Craigs list has some cheap deals.


Second find sounds you like from musicians you listen to and get what they have. Incorperate that sound to your style.


It took me about 15 years to figure it out for myself. Iwould have to say distortion and reverbs are a must have for me.

My set up is:


keeley compressor, maxon tso, tc dark matter, maxon vintage sd9, electro harmonix cathedral, space echo, danelectro reel echo, tremolo.


Also check out you tube and reviews. However to each their own.

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