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Introduction and question regarding Historic seriel numbers


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Hello all. I have been a "lurker" on this board for sometime now and wanted to thank everyone for their outstanding contributions. I have learned alot. I have owned 2 Les Pauls (an 86' Standard and a '93 Studio) over the years and am looking to buy my first Historic soon. In that regard, I have a question and I apoligize if this has been answered but I can't find a quick answer.


How come some Histroic's have a "space" between the model and some don't? For instance with R8's (which all appear to be authentic) I have seen: 8 2022 and alternatively 801694 at various times.


What accounts for the difference?


Thanks ahead of time and I look forward to contributing in the future.

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Welcome to the forum!


The space is there similar to the 50's serial numbers but it also leaves room to add that extra digit when production goes of 999 guitars in a years time. 8 2999 then 821000, 821001, 821002 (I think my examples are correct but it's been a rough day so correct me if they are not)

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