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There is no Gibson Guitar Museum is there?

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John, I will when we have one solid. I'll get an email to you soon. I can see you doing a presentation,book signing. I hope to be able to produce this show in conjunction with the local guitar shop and civic art group. I live in a small town 2.5 hour train ride out of Chicago, 45 min from Rock Island, Peoria Illinois. I know many local players, pro and am. At this point I am getting concerned we won't have enough space. ... John, it would be interesting to see others around the country do something similar to support a book tour. You, me, Tom know more guys like me that have a pile of vintage Gibson guitars. Throw a show together, it would not have to have my elements. Your presentation would be the element. Do it like I am. Guitar stores want people in their shop. My show will be used as a Friday night fundraiser for the Art group at the music shop, Saturday free and open to the public.




This is pretty close to what I'll be doing for my "book tour." I'll give a talk aided by PowerPoint (including x-rays), do a bit of picking on a Banner SJ (I'll be traveling with the SJ I bought from the first owner who bought it new in 1943 and took it with him to the European front during the war), and a book signing. I'll be speaking at a some universities and a few book stores, but mainly at music festivals (Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival in March and the acoustic Guitar Festival in Sarzana, Italy in May) and guitar shops (Nashville, of course, Elderly in MI, some in NYC).


So, let's make this work.

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From what I gather Dave of Dave's Guitars personal collection is pretty much a museum of Gibsons (and Fenders and everything else uder the sun).


But for me, I say forget about putting guitars in some glass case in a museum unless they are truly a cultural icon such as Leadbelly's Stella 12 string or Woody's SJ. Keep them in the hands of the players.

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