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Case interior "fur" stuck to the neck of my '74 Custom


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I'm currently living on a tropical island and only coming back to Kansas City some time next year.


I'd bought a '74 Custom some time back (I'd posted about it earlier this year) and got it shipped to me here, it came in a non-original case with grey "fur" interior.


I'm guessing it's because of the tropical climate here affecting the nitro, some of the "fur" at the neck-support part of the case got stuck to the neck of the guitar. I managed to get most of it off, but the affected area is not smooth anymore.


I have a bottle of Virtuoso cleaner here with me that I've been thinking of using on that part of the neck but I am worried that I might take the finish off.


Anyone can advise what I should be doing?

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Had the same thing happen to a Martin - a wee bit of Naptha (lighter fluid) did the fix for me.

Thanks for the suggestion Dan, I happen to have a new can of Zippo fluid in the house, might give that a try.


I'm a little concerned though about how Virtuoso might react to that area when I do cleaning in future, since the instructions on the Virtuoso bottle say that it attacks other waxes and polishes and may haze the finish if those are present.

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As has been stated here, I would start with Naphtha, and let that dry thoroughly--like a few hours-- before cleaning with Virtuoso. If the neck is still tacky after the naphtha, I would let it air dry out of the case for a couple of days. Don't let anything like the interior of a case or rubber on a guitar stand contact the tacky surface.


If the neck still is not clean and dry after the naphtha, I might try a tiny bit of Virtuoso cleaner on one area just to test the results. I have cleaned slightly tacky surfaces with Virtuoso before with good results. If it is gunk on the surface causing tackiness, the Virtuoso cleaner should remove it. You would see discoloration on your cleaning rag in that case, but I would always do a small-area test first.


If the tackiness is only on the neck, it is most likely hand gunk. As an aside, it is always good to wash your hands with a stright soap (no moisturiser or cream in it) before playing.

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