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I've gotta say, Clapton makes it all look so easy. Wish he had a different pickup setup on the 000-28, however, as I think it distracts a bit, but that may just be my hypersensitivity to acoustic/electric amplification.


Given his frighteningly dissolute past, he looks better than ever. And his playing is still a model of efficiency and tastefullness.


I even enejoyed the slowed-down version of Crossroads. Always thought the original, despite its frenetic energy, was just a bit too speeded-up, particularly in some live performances. It would have been great to see him do that on a 335 rather than the Strat, but I'll give him a pass on that.


It's interesting that he also used the guitar/drums/bass trio format that he had so much success with (Cream).

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