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So, here's a different kind of Gibson I got today. It's one of the Gibson promotional denim jackets from a couple of years ago. I haven't figured out how to best photograph this, but I was so tickled pink by it I just had to share.


I bought it on ebay, and when I saw the return name on the package, I thought "that sounds familiar". Turns out the guy I got it from is country music singer Billy Yates. We exchagned a couple of nice emails, and he was very glad that someone who really loves Gibsons got it.


It was given to him by a big Gibson dealer, but Billy says he has topped wearing promotional slothing, and decided to sell it. Turns out Billy and I are exactly the same size (5'10", 165 lbs), so it fits perfectly


This is the J-200 embroidered on the back.


I think my wife was relieved. She saw my face light up when the box arrived this afternoon, and said "at least it's too small to be another guitar".


Little did she know.......




The funny thing is, I used to wear denim shirts, jackets, and Levi's all the time (as in this photo from around 1970), but haven't owned any in years. I think I'm regressing....


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Thats cool Nick, but I think I would have preferred a an 'Only A Gibson Is Good Enough' banner line ...



I couldn't agree more. I bet if Gibson did a big run of these, they'd sell a couple of hundred on this forum. I think Modoc said he had one somewhere.

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There we go - nothing to misunderstand and in immaculate shape.

Will you actually wear it ?




Absolutely! Fortunately, it's too big for my wife, or she would steal it. Like me, she used to wear a lot of denim back in the day--skirts, jackets, with wicked cool boots. Just a couple of old hippies underneath it, except that she was and is as straight as you get. Just one of those artsy types (former commercial artist and fashion illustrator. She used to illustrate the J. Peterman clothing catalogs back when they were a real company.)

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here it is. It looks bigger and wider in the pictures. it is a large but really a pretty normal size.


It was given to me unworn by a guy that was in the industry for a long time. I think it is from some time in the 90s.





Seems like they've done a number of versions of this over the years. Maybe they should do a Banner one to celebrate JT's new book.


One thing I like is that the jacket is made in Canada. Not quite "born in the USA", but a whole lot closer to it than China!

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