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NGD, SG and VOX Amphones

T Bone

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Got a delivery from American Musical Supply (my first) yesterday, the Worn Cherry 1960s Tribute SG Special (sold out in that color at MF and GC). I see MF has reduced their price (now matches that of AMS), but again, no red there. I was really pleased to find one this late in the run (mine was apparently NOS, being made in May, 2011).


Quite pleased overall with the guitar. The raw red finish of the (nicely put together) 4 piece body really brings out the grain and pores of the Mahogany. The neck has a pleasant chunky feel, though the frets on the bottom edge of the fret board do feel a little sharp (not uncommon among the lower end unbound Gibson fret boards, and IMO not at all an issue for me). The P 90s? Love them in general, though I've only had the chance to try this set through the (also new) VOX Amphones (Twin model).


The Amphones give a nice sound, and I expect them to be a great practice aid. Got them from Sweetwater (also my first order there) and managed to talk them down $5 (hey, five bucks is five bucks!). It was a good day, looking forward to my next day off when I can really get a thorough feel for both (working away from home, 12 hour days 6 days a week currently). It's gonna be a fun day!



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Thanks guys, really enjoying the SG so far. Very resonant, sounds great even without an amp!


Nice! You'll have to keep us posted about the Amphones. I've been debating whether to get a pair of them or get a pair of high quality headphones and an Amplug.


I was there too. What swayed me was that these are from Audio Technica, should prove to be decent headphones as well (for about the same $ I'd have expected to pay for a decent set). Also, I went with the Twin as I do like that sound, I know many here would chose the AC 30 version. I reasoned this way, if I decide I want that sound too, I think I can buy the AC 30 Amplug and simply use these as headphones, so like getting both units for under $150.

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