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Boss Reynolds

"Please connect the device(s) you want to install and turn it on." I did, damnit!

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Nothing more frustrating than buying a new controller that doesn't work! Did everything the manual suggests: made sure I had a Texas Instruments IEEE 1394 controller, swapped cables, restarted the device, but I can't get past that message when installing the ASIO driver.


Neither DaRouter nor the firmware updater detects the mixer either, and it does not show up at all in Device Manager. What now? Is there a secret to getting this thing to work?

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I noticed peering into the Firewire port that there's a rapid blinking green light coming from inside the device. That probably means it's broken, right?


Edit: Since I bought this thing used without any sort of warranty, I opened it up to have a better look. On the front panel circuit board is where the blinking LED is coming from. It appears to be labeled "20" but I can't figure out how to remove the main board to get a better look. Below it, there is also a red LED labeled "10" that blinks once when I flip the power switch, then once more before going dark.


If I had a service manual I could probably figure out how to fix this but because there's such little information about this device on the internet I doubt I'll find one. How much would Gibson/Stanton charge me for a repair?


I should also note that the LCDs on front light up and I am even able to get the firmware version, which would make the mixer seem like it works yet my PC still doesn't even acknowledge its existence. Not even a "Firewire device not recognized" message. Just... nothing.


Edit 2: Tried getting this to work on a second PC and it was the same song and dance. This mixer is definitely broken. Can someone help me figure out how to repair this thing, or possibly refer me to a good repair shop in North Phoenix/Scottsdale?

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