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Pick up type

Rick Doeschler

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I think you can look up the readings online (pardon my ignorance, I don't remember if pickups are measured by resistance or voltage) and then take a reading of yours. If you don't have the equipment, any amp tech could do this for you.


Outside of that, I would send your serial number to Gibson customer service and they should be able to give you the specs on this guitar.

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'61 reissues, have always had (what they now call) '57's, to my knowledge. They are the closest to the original PAF

verions, in the original '61's. Personally, I LOVE '57's, and have actually changed out, the stock Ceraminc (HOT)

pickups, that came in my 2000 LP Classic. I could just never get the tone, that I remembered, from the Gibson's I

owned, in my youth, with the the "Hot" pickups. As soon as I plugged in, the Classic, AFTER the '57(Neck) and '57+(bridge)

pickups were installed, "That Tone," was THERE!! I didn't even have to adjust amp settings...it was just "There!"

(Sorry, if that's more information, than you asked for...but, I LOVE Gibson '57's!) [thumbup]


My current '61 reissue ("Satin" finish) has '57's (Stock) pickups. I wouldn't have it, any other way! [biggrin]



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