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Free gig tomorrow night at the O2


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So I get a call tonight.. asking me if I want to go to a free gig tomorrow..


Wheres it at I ask . At the O2... Hmmm, interesting... and who is it



Bloody Bonnie Tyler and Status Quo...



haha.. am looking forward to some three chord rocking :)


And the queen of power pop ballads... but hey its free and the seats are even on the floor section so cant compalin :)


Expect some footage tomorrow :P


so this is the mix I can expect



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That'll be great i'll bet. Looking forward to some footage if you can get some.



I now am not going to this but its for good reason.. I have a job interview tomorrow now (which is really important).. and I have a lot of studying up to do and im not even sure that if I were to stay up all night doing it that it will be enough..


But I must try my best.. So I sacrificed this gig which is annoying but the right thing to do :) (at least they were free tickets).


Oh well.. typical of life..

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