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custom les paul ID


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Thanks for the reply, Lory. I'm gonna do some research on it. Jason


Hi Jason,

Beautiful axe!!!

I think it is a custom shop special order. It might be based on an Elegant but there are a few differences. I have a 1997 Elegant and your front headstock is identical but Elegants have nickel hardware, not gold. They have flame tops, not quilts. The abalone inlays are the same. How much does your guitar weigh? Elegants are chambered. Mine only weighs 7.4 lb. What is the neck like?. Elegants have a tapered neck. The serial number setup is different also. Here's a pic of mine:




I have a Custom Shop one-off from 2000 that has a similar S/N scheme as yours:




If you email Gibson customer service they should be able to give you some help. You will need to send a pic of the front and rear of the headstock as well as the body before they will answer. Unfortunately they didn't keep great records back then but you should at least be able to verify whether it's a std model or a custom order. Good luck,



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