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Winding strings upwards (Part 2)...

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To continue my thread as it may not get noticed if I just add to it as to... if any one winds the strings on to tuner post upwards..instead of down.

Today we went to New York City as I wanted to see what Lowden guitars in the "other" woods sound like.


I should note , I saw two J200's and the mustache bridges look very unimpressive. One of the two looked down right flat & machine Stamped.

Gibson dear..that damn mustache is hard to miss..a little bit of shaping by hand is required...jeeez.


And finally...

While sitting there a guy asks for a Collings..the sales guy says I dont like them.. they all feel stiff. !!!

I asked why, is it the angle set of the neck..he says no..its the angle the strings go over the bridge & the nut..

How do you like that?

He says Collings have a very steep break at bridge & makes em feel stiff.

So reducing the break angle makes the strings feel more flexible and though widing strings in opposite dirrection on post is a bit of a pain..it may help those that are considering going to a lighter guage string.


I think the 4 Ribbon Bridge will probably have the same effect compared to the two ribbon.

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