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An Irish Christmas Fairytale

Del Nilppeznaf

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Hahah..cheers fellas.

just a bit of craic like



haha ! nice job del , couldnt understand why you were doin a john lennon impression during christy's intro though ? :-s


:D :P


ta BB..tho what ya mean John Lennon impression ??? hahaa..the accent?


Del, thanks for this and to BBG also .... great song.


Apparently I should know this but I must admit these two perforamnces here are the first I've heard. Will you tell me the name of the song and the artist?




the song is called Fairytale of New York..was written by Shane McGowen ..and released by his band the Pouges with Kirsty McCall...


this version is a take from Christy Moores album..Live at the Point...which I highly recommend to anyone who likes really good lyrical songs and is up for the craic


Merry Christmas me arse :P


haha all the best

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