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Can You Help Me ID this Sheraton?


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Hey All,



-stripes on the back of the neck but they're lighter brown than I usually see


-No SN on headstock

-"Gibson" on trussrod cover

-bridge is not squared...it's a traditional Nashville shape

-Oval Orange Label that says:

Model: Sheraton II NA

Number: R98C 1066

Is this Korean? The lack of an SN makes me wonder about MIJ? It has mods...SD's and a fine tune tailpiece. They want 500 for it.

So...what do you think?

Thanks folks!

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Just to clear up your wondering about MIJ. 70's models had blue oblong labels and no serial number while MIJ 80's models (80 - 85) had blotchy brown oblong labels with the serial printed on the rear of the headstock under the finish. 80's serial numbers are easy to decode. The first number is the year (0 = 1980 / 1 = 1981 etc - remember they were only made for six years 80-85) and the second two numbers are the month. So 305**** would be May 1983. There were (possibly still are) Japanese domestic market models but I believe they had blue labels as well. Not too likely you'll find one of those for 500 though.

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