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I hope you can give me a hand


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Well, first of all, merry x-mas to you all!

Today I got some nice presents:

A Boss VF-1, a Roland EV-5 expression pedal and a Boss FC-50 pedal board.

I begun to play a bit, but I found it a bit hard to work.

I'm looking for a Pink Floyd-ish sound in these machines.

Also, my amp is a Fender Mustang I.

Can you give me a hand?

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Sounds like you've got a bunch of cool stuff! It's all programmable, though, including the amp--and if you've never used programmable FX before, the learning curve can be pretty steep. It helps if you have a sound in mind that you're trying to get, and it sounds like you do with the Gilmour reference. Does the VF do amp simulations? It's an older unit, so it may not, but the Mustang amp does, so you may want to start there. Find a Marshall simulation (although they may not call it that, maybe British Stack or something similar), use a moderate amount of gain (too much will make it muddy; not enough won't give you the sustain--experiment!) You don't mention what guitar you're using--on a humbucker-equipped guitar use the bridge pickup and roll off the tone control a bit--on a Strat use the middle and bridge pickups together. Dial in some delay, either on the amp (if it'll do it) or on the VF, and if you're using the VF strictly for FX and not for amp simulation, run it in the amp's FX loop if it's got one--that way the delay won't swamp your overdrive. Use a fair amount of delay time, maybe 400ms. or so, no more than 2-3 repeats, and keep the delay level fairly low so it doesn't get in the way of your playing. Less is more, as they say. Good luck!

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