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Led Zep at the Kennedy Center Honors


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I watched it on my Blu-Ray player yesterday, I thought it was pretty good.

During the Les Paul solo in Stairway To Heaven, you could see Page watching the guitar player in amazement.

Also during some of the singing towards the ends of that song, it looked like Plant was starting to tear up.


I enjoyed it.

Time to break out my Celebration Day Blu-Ray I bought last week and watch that today.

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Watched it...and then did a little searching trying to see if the songs were cut short and edited for TV, or if they were played that way during the ceremonies.


That performance of 'Stairway' by the Wilson sisters and everybody playing was amazing. If a full-lenght version exist, I would certainly like to have it. If it doesn't exist, they should be kicking themselves for it. One of the best performances I've ever seen of anything.

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Very enjoyable.


Was so cool that in an interview about their first album, Dreamboat Annie, Ann and Nancy Wilson said originally they got into music in hopes of just getting in to see Zeppelin . . . a group that obviously led [Led?] to heavily inspire much of their work and seeing John, Robert, and Jimmy tearing up in the process.


I even teared up a bit, I'm not ashamed to say.


SO incredibly fitting that they got to conclude the Kennedy Honors honoring their heroes.


Now if we can just get Ann and Nancy up there some day. [thumbup]

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