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Help ID this Gibson (?) acoustic


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Trying to figure out whether it's worth the trip to go see this Gibson (?) acoustic.

Label is missing and it has been modded (no details on mods). If it is an older Gibson, looks like it's been stripped, machine heads are replacements. I've never seen a pickguard like that on a Gibson either.






Of course, it could be a Gibson sticker on a Cort from the photos, but does it ring any bells with anyone?

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I think this guitar has shown up here before, and the consensus was that it was probably a re-finished LG-1 from the early 1950's. LG-1 because it looks like it might be a one-piece back--no back centerline cleat visible. If they are asking more than about $500 for it, I wouldn't bother looking unless it's close to home.


Pickguard and tuners are obviously not original. Finish appears to have been scraped off the headstock, except for the logo. Shows a lot of fretboard wear in the first position.


Frankly, there are lots of decent early 50's LG's around, and the ladder-braced LG-1 is the least desirable.

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