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Les Paul Tapping issue


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I mostly play my Epiphone Les Paul however.......


Does anybody else have issues knocking the pickup toggle switch when moving my picking hand over to put a sneaky tap in?


It just seems to get in the way every time!


Any ideas where I should be positioning my hand / arm?

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To tell the truth, it's an odd and rare question.


As an antecdote, I could say that years of playing a Strat, I once had issues with hitting the controls when I didn't want. I hear of others who don't like the placement of the controls for this reason as well.


What changes that for me, was pratice at hitting or using the controls. By making using them second nature, it makes knowing where they are and NOT hitting them second nature as well.

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I absolutely love epi les paul (yet to buy a gibson) but it's the location of the toggle that causes me issues.


Maybe it's just something to work around if I'm intent on playing a les paul.


At least I haven't got a bfg with the killswitch in that position


The band would love that :)

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