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SG 61 Reissue Satin Ebony vs SG Standard 2013


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Hello there


Please dont see for my langue errors ;)


So I am going to buy for my father Gibson SG 61 Reissue Satin Ebony.

For past 35 years he has been playing at old from 70's Musima Elgita --> http://cheesyguitars.com/musima_elgita.html

He plays Santana, Eagles etc, at the moment just at home

He likes soft necks


But I dont know which model is better SG61 vs Standard 2013


I can buy SG 61 brand new from shop for 1300 USD


From another side I dont know which ampli will be good for Gibson SG staff.

I have a couple proposition:



2. Fender Mustang II

3. Line 6 Spider IV - 30


many thanks for any answer

lucas from Scotland

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I personally would just go with a new SG 2013 standard since now they have redone the 2013 sg standard by installing the small pick guard and the classic 57 pick ups. I cannot see spending any more for practically the same guitar. Some are probably going to chime in here and give another opinion but I would save the money and buy the regular 2013 SG standard and not the reissue. As far as the amp goes, I guess it would be a matter of preference of the style of music you father plays but I do have one of the Vox AD50VT modeling amps and I believe they are alot better amplifier than the line 6 and fender mustang amps. I think the Vox modeling amps are one of the best on the market and there are several models to choose from at real reasonable good prices. Good luck, Tim

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