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Anyone use the Shubb 12 string capo on a 6 string?


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I was looking at the Shubb 6 string capos and noticed that the pad width is 2".


On a 1.725" nut width guitar, you are right at 2" up around the 7th fret.


The does not leave much room if any for the pad on the high and low sides.


I was wondering if anyone here uses the 12 string model for 6 string, and if it fits the same as the 6 string model.



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Dunno about Shubb... but I've used Kyser 6 and 12-string interchangeably on 6-strings to the point I tend to get the 12-string version for acoustics regardless, given the price is the same depending on a given day, and the spring may be a bit stronger for heavier as well as more strings.


In fact, don't ask me what Kyser is in which guitar case... and I think the old 12 just has a rubber band 12-string Dunlop 'stedda one of the newer types. I still use the rosewood-string-friction peg capo on the nylon AE. That doggone thing is right at 50 years old.



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Suitability of any capo will depend on f/b radius as well as width


So it is not possible to guess across the ocean success or not... :unsure:


I use Shubb 12's on 12str and 6's on 6 str


Enjoy your quest...


And, as ever, try before you buy... [biggrin]





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