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Epiphone Les Paul parts


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I can walk into any guitar shop and they'll have parts in the case for Fenders & Gibby's, like different color knobs, pick guards, switch tops, etc.


No such luck with Epi.


Where can I get replacement knobs for my LP?

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Guitar Fetish is an excellent source of parts for Asian imports. And there's eBay, too!


Yup...Good info.

Actually, they are much easier to get than a few years ago.

All you need do in most cases is to look for metric.


Stewmac, Allparts, and many others also carry them these days.

As mentioned, Ebay can be a good sourse for plastic parts such as pickup mounting rings and such.


The biggest exception would be for electronics. If they need to be changed over, most will go to imperial...

(CTS and Switchcraft)



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