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How about a NEW Les Paul Supreme


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Dam how many different LP models and names can they come up with.I would just like a regular LP,maybe a little flame on top no big deal,Sam Ash had a plain red top one I tried out I really liked it with 57 classics PU,s in it.

I went the cool looking top and great looking axe way years ago buying a Gibson SG Supreme years ago from MF,I wish I could have played it first.It was a killer looking axe and P90's it sounded OK just no growl but what really made me not fall in love with it was it had to be the longest necked guitar I had ever owned.OK maybe I have short arms but reaching up to tune the D or G strings was a bit of a reach,the neck felt like a baseball bat (very thick) and it was the guitar that made me realize I wasnt fond of 24 fret guitars.Wow it was a hard guitar to get rid of, it was one of the most expensive one's I had ever bought (around $1800,00)it looked stunning,had a mahogany body with a real flame maple top and when I opened the case people would definatly notice it.I guess I'm just saying after all this rederick is it dosent have to be a flame top piece of art to sound killer good.

The only picture I could find is a couch shot with some more of the family.

post-25359-048013400 1357226538_thumb.jpg

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