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Why wouldn't Gibson make L-00's with 12fret joint?

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Neck joint doesn't have anything do do with scale length. The vintage 14 fret L00s were 24.75 scale. The new L00 legend is built with that scale. I assume the regular production L00 is still the longer scale.


I would like to see Gibson build a 12 fret L00 with the shorter scale. The best of the vintage Ls were the early 30s 12 fret, of course they were built light as a feather. They did make a few 12 fret Nick Lucas a couple of years back.


I think if they did a small run of the 12 fret based on the early guitars they would sell.



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Here is a nice early 12 fret L1 about c1931 for sale at UMGF. (not mine) I'd have a hard time selling a guitar this nice.




Here is another classic Gibson 12 fret. A c1929 Gibson Special Nick Lucas. This one is mine.




Here is another of mine. Gibson built Kel Kryoden c1929,30. Weighs less than 3 pounds.




I'll put one more Nick Lucas on here.



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I'm sure Gibson would make them if they thought they could sell them.


It's not that simple. Gibson can't build enough acoustics to keep up with demand. Every guitar that comes out of Bozeman is sold before it's built.


If you want a 12-fret, just have your dealer call and order you one. The phrase "regular production model" at Gibson is not much more than a suggestion to dealers that this is a model that should be relatively easy for them to sell. (Unlike, say, Martin and Taylor, where it means that they have a bunch of these sitting around in a warehouse. :-))


-- Bob R

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I have it. It's a Gibson F-25 which has a body the size of a classical guitar - I don't know how exactly that compares to the L-00 but it is smallish - a 12 fret neck but it is wide - 2" at the nut. They were made during the 60's and show up on eBay once in a while. There were a couple of them about 2 weeks ago but I didn't see the ending price but my guess is around $1200 - $1500. Great guitar!

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