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Where can I get stock pickups for epiphone SG G-400 seires?


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This isn't actually for an Epiphone. I'm gonna wire it into my neck position on my Strat (don't ask, I have weird preferences). So I just want to purchase one of these pick-ups, only I don't even know the actual name of the pick-up itself, let alone where to buy one. Please help.

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Welcome to the forum!!!


Just throwing in my 2_cents.gif

You have gotten good information from these guys.

Joe and Tweed in particular.


Also, I can't imagine a better price than Tweed is offering!

You would also have the advantage of having (and being able to try) both to see which you like better.

In any case, don't pay more than $30 plus shipping for a set. (Most times they are sold in sets)


Best of luck,




P.S. Hey Tweed...Pupdadee?...cute.

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