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HNGD - 05 Masterbilt DR-500P


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Just re-aquired an 05 Masterbilt DR-500P to replace one that I traded in on my Breedlove.

My previous one had an indentation forming from the bridge to the lower bout.

Fearing a crack in the top forming, I traded it in on the Breedlove.

I absolutely loved that guitar. Best sounding guitar i had ever played or owned.


I have been looking for the past 3 years for a replacement, but every one that i found was either beat up or the owner wanted too much.


Low and behold a new forum member, Calmwater, inquired about the worth of such a guitar which he had.

I contacted him, settled on a price and I have now replace my missing blonde beauty.

Also came with a great Gator hardshell case.

Thanks again Tyson.


Here are the photos that he sent me.

If I can get some of my own shot, I will update.



I forgot that these had a bound headstock. I love this guitar.msp_rolleyes.gif






Great book matched back.





Lovely satin finish.





I was originally thinking about replacing the buttons with tortoise shell buttons, but I see that they are not replaceable. Still good with this.



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Right, CW, solid maple.Which seams strange to me.I have been looking at other brands for solid maple. Not many options under $1,500.Epiphone deciding to drop this material on their natural wood models fits with other companies.

Again, happy to be able to play and own one again. I love the satin finish on the neck. Smooth play. Same as the Breedlove that replaced the first 500-P.Just comfortable to play.

Hopefully Epiphone will surprise us with new Acoustics this year.An all solid wood EJ-200 with maple back and sides would be great.


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I was tempted many times to get one when they were still available at the major on-line stores. I waited too long I guess. I look for one to pop up on c'list or whatnot. My EJ-200 Artist has really satisfied my Maple GAS though.





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Beautiful guitar.


I have an AJ500R that is amazing. I actually put it for sale here before the holidays (trying to keep up with a self imposed one in one out guitar rule), and then got cold feet. I gave it to one of my sons instead. Whenever I read Masterbilt posts, they always seems to be one per thread that says they sold theirs and wish they didn't.


Anyway my son will enjoy mine. It really is killer. And if he gets bored with it I will take it back.

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