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Searching for Year of SG JR


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Good morning everyone,


I have had my Gibson SG Jr since I was about 12 years old (47 years) and I am trying to verify the actual year that it was made. The serial number is 510021 which could be either 1965 or 1968. Cannot seem to find one online with the full pick guard mine has. Appreciate any help.

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At gibsons site (and others) you can find all that info through your number.

Its not that hard.

Thanks. I did research the Gibson site. The serial number range was used in 65 & 68. Could not find any with full pick guard.

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you might find this post interesting:




It mentions that you might be able to determine a 68 from a 65 by the pot numbers and the type of knobs. Post #12 says that "Amp" style knobs (also known as "witch hats") weren't introduced until 1966. I don't know if that's true or not. However, this site mentions that Gibson switched to "witch hats" on the ES-335 at the end of 1966:




Let us know what you learn about your SG Jr.



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The thing that makes this hard to nail down is the serial number range was used in 1965 and 1968. I also know that I had this guitar and started taking lessons when I was 12 which was in 1966. The response that makes the most sense so far is that they may have started using the full pick guard towards the end of '65.


I checked the pot number: 137574 Results of my search on that number:


This potentiometer was made by

CTS Corporation (Chicago Telephone Supply)

in the 74th week of 1945 or 1955


This means that (given this is an original part) this is the earliest possible date your guitar (speaker) was made


Thanks for your response.










The bat-wing was post 66, so I'd plump for 1968.


I'm not keen on the SG Junior of this period, the lone P90

on the bat-wing pickguard looks kinda lonely without it's neck

pal. I prefer the earlier Junior with the single Dog-Ear P90 and

the curvy pickguard.

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I checked the pot number: 137574


Somethings not right with that pot code. Double check the number on your pots, they are generally 7-digits.


The format is as follows: 137YYWW


137 = CTS

YY = last two digits of the year

WW = week of that year

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