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The Gibson Blindfold test


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Hi Guys,


A few weeks ago I created a Blindfold test involving 7 Gibson archtops:


1976 Gibson Johnny Smith

1998 Gibson Tal Farlow

1995 Gibson L5

1987 Gibson ES 335

1951 Gibson ES 125

1982 Gibson ES 175

1992 Gibson ES 350t


Maybe fun to try to guess the guitar. Go to:







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LOL. Yes. I can't post under my own name here because it is seen as a 4 letter word. So I used my handle "Dutchbopper."


Welcome to the forums, ****. Nice to see you here. [thumbup]


Edit: Wow, the naughty words filter apparently won't let me use your first name (D - i - c - k). [confused]:rolleyes:

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