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Whats up guys, I have a Gibson Les Paul studio deluxe 60's. Im contempt with pickups it has in it i think a burst bucker and something else. But i am starting to play more hard rock and metal stuff. If i were to throw in Crunch lab and Liquifire could i still achieve decent metal tones and nice cleans. I play in my church so the cleans would be for that. I listen to bands like Devin Townsend Project, Foo Fighters, Periphary,dream Theater, Rosetta, After the Burial,scale the summit, Between the buried and me, I also listen to classic rock. basically i want a realy versatile pick up. I listen the stones, Tom petty, The who and i play all of the genres i listed including blues,country, Fussion stuff, Jazz, Metal, Rock hard Rock and all that jazz. thanks






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I would just stick with the Burst Buckers and a TubeScreamer or an OCD for an extra bump when needing a good metal tone.


Mesa Boogie also just came out with some really nice OD pedals. I have my Grid Slammer on order.


I have a BB3 and a BBpro in my LP STD, I play in a FF/90s Alternative cover band and have 0 issues covering the necessary cleans and OD tones. I get many compliments on my tone. We also cover Slayer and Megadeth from time to time.


Just FYI, Dave Grohl has BB1,2 in all of his 335s he plays and records with.


Burst Buckers kick ***. IMHO one of the best pickups Gibson makes. The BB3 is one of the higher output pickups they make outside of the ceramic magnet ones.

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