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I have a question if anyone has considered the ideal method of implementing a Footcontroller for the Dark Fire system?


Is the NI GR3 "Rig Control" footpedal supported?




Perhaps this has already been considered?


It would be ideal if the Gibson Dark Fire RIP Edit Application ( on PC/Mac) could run in tandem with Guitar Rig and Ableton Live, and allow mapping of MIDI CC# or Patch Change commands to remotely change Dark Fire tunings mid song or select Tone Chameleon settings - with my feet.




So I was wondering if MIDI Control has already been considered for the DarK Fire package?

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Thanks for answering.


I'll probably use an FCB-1010 with the third party UNO Firmware, + a MIDI Interface.


I would add to the wish list (to convey to Gibson Dark Fire R&D) create a path for manipulating the Tronical Tuning system via MIDI control. perhaps the control communication path is a memory resident Dark Fire control app ( the Dark Fire Config utility?) that may allow the user to edit Mag PU configs ( the 6 internal microrelays) but also have a side feature to redirect live MIDI control information to to the RIP via Firewire, and then communicate this via the TRS connection to the Dark Fire Guitar CPU.




i read in a few press releases that there will be a cross platform Dark Fire Configuration application apparently.

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