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Wow! good on Gibson... and Delta I guess.


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Guest Farnsbarns

Nice one [thumbup] .. Now as a loyal Gibson customer..








Just what I was thinking. Pass them round, Gibson.

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Yes; well done Gibson. They had no need to do such a thing - and a 50th Anniversary model at that - so all credit to them.


Delta Airlines OTOH.....


I hope Mr. Litzenberger managed to light a few fires under the appropriate posteriors considering the negative publicity generated by this farce.

I'm certain Delta will spend a King's Ransom each year on advertising and then some bloody Bean-Counter decides to save a few 'Insurance' bucks in the hope that the problem will just go away.


Serves them right.



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And just maybe the airlines will finally get the sticks out of their Butts about letting us have a guitar as carry on.

I know from experience that a Gibson HSC will in fact fit in an overhead compartment with PLENTY of space for others baggage.


Good on Gibson for an exemplary display of customer service. msp_thumbup.gif

Now we also want to see video of the rebuild too, at least I would like to see it, and I am sure there are others that would as well.

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Generous? It's called free publicity. Or at least really really cheap publicity.


Say whatever you like but i think its a good thing what Gibson did. This wasnt just some guy hackin away in his basement, he was a professional touring musician and im sure no check can replace his baby. Least of all the pittlins that Delta tried to shaft him with.


We as Gibson consumers pay big bucks for a Quality american product, nice to see that rewarded and come back our way once in awhile imo.


Bravo Gibson! You guys went up a few notches in many eyes with this gesture.

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