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Flatwounds for an SG standard bass


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I've decided to put a set of flats on my SG standard bass.


Why? Basically, I don't play it enough - just take it to gigs as a backup and tend to leave it in the case until it's time to take it home again - which is a waste of a great bass. I'd play it more except it sounds too similar to my other bass (starts and ends with R and has 4003 in the name so actually, that says a lot for the SG) so there's just not enough incentive to swap from one to the other.


So my thinking is that if I put a set of flats on it, it'll make it sound sufficiently different that it'll give me two very different sounds to choose between and, hopefully, play it more.


First question - am I being stupid here? Will flats really make such a change to the sound of the SG?


Now, I don't want to have to change the nut to accommodate new strings (don't mind tweaking the neck a bit if needed) and I want to get a nice, deep, mellow kind of sound - so what gauge should I go for? D'Addario Chromes come in short scale at .045 - .100 which is a bit lighter than the standard roundwounds (.045 to .105) or there are Thomastik Jazz flats in .043 to .100. So, second question - Does anyone have any experience using flats with an SG bass? What gauge did you use and did you have to make any adjustments beyond altering the truss rod?


All advice/experience gratefully received!!

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Excellent - just what I needed, thanks. I'll see if I can get hold of a set.


I get mine through GuitarCenter.com


They are a bit lower in price. If you do get the Nylons for your SG Std., please make sure they are the ETB92S (short scale) There is the ETB92 (long scale) also. I think you will like these. I've used the ETB92 on Rick 4003, Fender Am. Std. Jazz, and Precisions. They are fantastic on long scale fretless Jazzes, as well.

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I'm in the UK so we don't have Guitar Center. I'll try Stringbusters and Strings Direct who seem to keep most things.


Thanks again for the info - I'll let you know how I get on


I traded in a 4003 for the SG.Std. I don't regret it either. Please let us know what you do restring it with. Short Scale string options can be a bit light, as compared to Long Scale string options. I think the SG Std. is worth the string search. [thumbup] There are other Short Scale basses out there, but I think the SG Std. is one of the best. Just my opinion. [rolleyes]

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