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Flying V 79 Block inlay re-issue


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Hi, I was lucky enough to own one of the original white 79 block inlays V and as so often happens traded it for some other guitar many years ago and now am looking to get it (or one like it) back.


As they only made 100 or so an original one is not only rare as rocking horse sh1t but would be a lot of dosh, the last one I saw went for over $8000.


While scouring the internet for an original I came across a limited custom shop re-issue (from 2002 ?) although most of these seem to have been sent to Japan.

Was this a limited edition for Japan only ? Any info appreciated.




I would buy this in a flash but the exchange rate between the U.K. and Japan is not great, so if anyone has either a re-issue or an original 79 for sale please let me know.


BTW Gibson, why make a re-issue and then put the wrong tuners on it ????


Cheers, Rich.

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