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Help me choose a LP?


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Around to the 2k range tops, if I could I would have a LP Custom (either black or white), but I can't.


I am looking for a good sinister/dark tone guitar (like a P90 LP), or maybe a dirtier sounding, humbucker equipped.

This is for a rather heavy sound, or sometimes retro.


I don't usually like much the 'straight top' LPs (usually specials), but the LP Junior Special seems to be solid

wood and comes with P90s, still, there are maple top LPs that have drawn my attention, like the LP Studio Satin

(not much into the satin, but I like the 'worn brown'), another one that has caught my attention in particular is

the 50's Tribute, I don't want a neck any thinner than a 60's slim taper.

And how about the darkbacks and 60's tribute (P or HB)?

I don't really like satin finishes, but I'm in for the tone.


What you think?

Which are the heaviest/dirtier gibson humbuckers?


I got very satisfied with my SG and decided to upgrade the 'whole fleet'.

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.... Which are the heaviest/dirtier gibson humbuckers? ....

If it's a dirt and/or distortion you're after, as with any sound/tone, a significant part of the equation is the amp. If it's highest output Gibson humbuckers you're after, there's Dirty Fingers, 500 and Tommi Iommi.


A recent thread in the Lounge had a good discussion on this topic and I suggest you give it a read through - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/96289-newbie-question-about-gibson-pups/


Regarding the LP - Best thing to do is play them and decide which one you like best. But make sure you play them through the same/similar amp you plan to use at home/gigs.




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My current Favorite Lp is Segovia Espagna. I got it for a buck at Goodwill:)

Sorry, I couldnt help myself.

70s Tributes.. Comes with Dirty Fingers pups



I have a 60s Tibute model... AMAZING guitars for the price


or if you want p90s a 50s tribute



I also have a Double Cut special with P90s and I think you cant go wrong with a special if your into the flat slabs.


Lots of choices man.. The best advice we always give on here is to try as many as you can.. Even if they have more than one of the same colour and model.. EVERY Gibson plays slightly differently as they are hand finished.. So you gotta search but when you find your baby it will be well worth it..


Hope that helps a bit and let us know which way you go.. And of course we expect pictures when you get it ;) Good luck. [thumbup]

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Wow, thanks for all the input.


I am probably going to like the dirty fingers and the 498R/500T combo, the only

problem is that there are very few guitars with that combo of pickups, and unfortunately,

at these necks of the woods its still hard to find good pickups in stock, the most 'hotter'

pups guitars come equipped with 496R/498T (neck/bridge), or, at best, 496R/500T, at best

a pair of dirty fingers.


I wonder how the burstbuckers do in terms of dirt, rust and rawness of sound, and if they're

as good as the already mentioned ones.


For me, it is priceless to buy a guitar which already comes with a good pair of pickups that

are up to their duty.


I still saw some darkbacks, are those any good? For me it is strange to buy a LP without its

side stripe.


I wish there were more worn and natural looking nitro woody finishes avaliable for LP.

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.. Les Paul Classic Custom.


.I`ve had earlier a 2005 Standard,a 2007 Standard,2011 Joe Bonamassa Studio and now this ebony 2012-LP-CC !.It`s got the fastest neck ,and the most slinky player of them all,It really differs positive from my earlier LP`s when it comes to playability !..I found a keeper! [wub]


Good bite from the classic57 humbuckers, Has an nice "omph-sound" I really like,I have only replaced the caps for sprague bumblebee`s for adding a little more/different kind of "cream" to the tone (..when using the tonewheels),The rest is really amazing as it is!

..Excellent choice for people buying a new LP on a budget ! [thumbup]


-According to Gibson,They stopped producing them during december 2012 ,but there should be still some available left in some different stores around ! [thumbup]

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In the range of 2K used maybe the way to go. My 04 Standard LE has Burstbuckers 1&2 - 60's neck (they did make them with 50's neck) and an Ebony fretboard - The buckers are interesting they can go from dirt to silk - As noted by another member - Amps play a Big role. The LE came in a few differnet colors but that is a personal take. Good luck with the search!

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I wonder how the burstbuckers do in terms of dirt, rust and rawness of sound, and if they're

as good as the already mentioned ones.


I have Burstbucker Pros in my Studio right now.


They have a phenomenal lead tone that will melt your face.


However, I see you're looking for a darker pickup and these IMO are the brightest pickups Gibson offers at the current time. You can "darken" them up if you roll back the tone to 4 or 5 (which is what I do for rhythms) but it gets annoying when you have to mess with tone knobs before solos.

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