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Detachable double neck guitar/bass


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Cool Idea.


I seem to remember in the late '70s there was a company here in the UK - it could have been Shergold - which offered 'modular' twin-necks where there was a lower unit and an upper unit.

The lower might be, say, a 4-string bass and the upper a 6- or 12-string 'regular' guitar; or else the lower might be a 6-string with a 12-string as the upper.

The upper and lower units slid-clicked together and the electrics were installed in such a way that when the two parts were in place the wiring circuit was completed.


Astonishingly, it didn't take the world by storm. LOL!


I must see if I can track down something more accurate than my memory of something I read in an ad. 30+ years ago.........




EDIT : I was getting two companies mixed up. The 'modular' double-neck was made by an American inventor called Charles Soupios. I've still got the original magazine article (Guitar Player, May '82!) but cannot find any picture of the beast on the web.


Here's about the only info I could track down;

“To (provide a specialized two-handed instrument), I offered a Biaxe double-neck guitar (U.S. Patent #4,240,319 in 1980), which combined a full-sized guitar with a longer, stick-form guitar module which was offset to provide more accessibility for two handed methods, and to distribute the weight more evenly.”


Soupios original Biaxe was superceded in late 1980 by a new model. (Soupios states that legal threats from Chapman were the primary cause in this migration.) The new model permitted interchangeable necks of different lengths..."


I'll scan the image in the original article so you can get a better idea of how it worked.





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That's the very one. Thanks again.


FWIW I first saw Genesis on their 'A Trick of the Tail' tour and saw them through their Duke days after which I sort of moved over to Pastures New.

I wish I had seen them before Peter Gabriel left. On the up-side, that first gig, they did the whole of 'Supper's Ready' which PG would never have allowed.

I saw PG in concert just after he released his debut album (he was great!) but, again, never since.



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