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2008 LP Standard Pots/Cap


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Hey all,


I need to change my pots and (was thinking of changing the file cap to an orange dot) because the pots are very loose seem to move when their set up.. I originally re-wired it to the modern (4x500k pots and 22u orange dot) and promptly lost a lot of my "growl" on my treble pickup. So I changed it to the classic wiring using the same hardware.. and well I just hate it with the classic..


Then I saw that Gibson had changed the values to x2 500k and x2 300k and done some other goofy stuff.. IDK what they did but I really want to wire it back to stock..


could anyone tell me the values/resistance I need to get to achieve the "standard" 2008 standard sound?



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Gibson installed 500k Tone and 500k Vol pots on all guitars up until mid-1973.

Beginning mid-1973 Gibson was using 300k pots for both Vol and Tone.

Then from approximately 1977 thru the late-'80s Gibson was using 300k Vol pots with 300k or 100k Tone pots!

The stock Vol pots starting circa-1990 THRU TODAY for all Standard production models (not Historic or Custom Shop) are 300k linear-taper,

and Tone pots are 500k audio-taper.

Historics and Custom Shop Les Pauls use 500K for both Vol and Tone pots.


Any corrections or exceptions are welcome.


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Your 2008 STD should have 300K volume and 500K tone on a QuickConnect.



I changed mine out to std 300K volumes and 500K Alpha Push Pulls, and Orange Drops .223 or .022K. I've seen them referenced both ways.


My 2008 Standard:




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The caps are 0.022 uf caps. The ones like cjmwrx has are 200 volt caps and are smaller than the 600v caps that are popular. The 200v caps are nice because they are nice and small. The 200v rating is plenty. 100v caps are even smaller. [biggrin]


Mojo has a 100v - I really like these:


Allparts has some 200v jobs:


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I think I know what you mean by "growl", but of corse, can't be sure what you are hearing. But to be sure, something has changed and you want that aspect of it back.


Couple things to try: first, try turning the volume down a bit. Essentailly, getting 300k or so from the 500k pot.


You could also try putting in the cap you took out. Different caps have slightly different sounds, even though the value might be the same. Orange drops tend to have a "smoother" sound than a ceramic disk, that has more of a "sizzle" to the high frequencies.


Also, what manufacture are the pots you used and took out? Are they the same? Gibson uses two types, CTS and I think Centralab. To my ears, the CTS pots are a little more focused and brighter, while the Centralab* are more open and airy, while being subdued a bit.


*not sure if I am corrent in Centralab being the maker. I know the type and what it looks/sounds like, just can't be sure if I remember who makes it.

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